Mobile Ad hoc Networking


Tentative Agenda:


Lecture #






June 27th

9am-12 :30pm

- Introduction to wireless networking and mobile computing and it applications

- Routing and topology control



June 28th  



- Routing and topology control

- Medium Access Control (MAC)



June 30th  

9am-12 :30pm

- Medium Access Control

- Wireless Technoloies




- Cross-Layering, QoS, and Security, Capacity Issues


Tutorial Description

This tutorial mainly addresses the problem of routing (how to direct a packet from a source machine to a destination machine), topology control (how to adjust network communication links as the environment changes such that the network capacity can be maximized), and medium access control (how to share the common resources among multiple users) in wireless mobile ad hoc networks (no infrastructure is present). Further topics including cross-layering (how to provide mean for inter-layer interactions w.r.t OSI model such that the network performance can be improved), QoS (provide a set of services to meet application requirements), and security (how to avoid maliciousness and to enforce cooperation) are also briefly covered. And finally, a realistic example (Widens) is given to illustrate how these issues have been used in practice.

Reading Materials:


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Topology Control and Broadcasting:

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Widens :

  1. An Overview of Widens: A rapidly deployable broadband communication systems, edited by N. Nikaein

Useful Links:
  1. IETF MANET working Group
  2. Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Bibliography
  3. Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Links

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